Jo Anderson


Born in USA, 1969

2009-to Present.

I  am a freelance photographer and worked for Adventure Magazine in Bloomington, IN,  before they stopped publishing.  I shoot all kinds of photography, people, buildings, food, nature and animals. I love what I do!  I specialize in outdoor photography, although, I do indoor as well, just not my favorite, 

I've had a camera in my hand as long as I can remember. I got started professionally when my oldest daughter got her Senior pix taken, and she didn't like them. "Mom, you can do a better job, let's not get any of these, and you take them." I started out with just a point and shoot camera in 2009. I started college and bought a DSLR camera, and haven't stopped shooting since :)​
I love shooting kids, because they have that natural emotion, something you cannot fake for pictures. Their facial expressions are amazing. I love catching  them. I love sports, so of course I shoot sports photography, of all kinds. Always love the action shots. I love softball, and played for 30 years. I coached for 10. I also coached girls basketball travel team for 7 years.  I coached boys baseball for 2 years. (boys are easier lol) I  love football, NFL or little league, it doesn't matter, I just love the game.  I love shooting all kinds of sporting events. 


I am an open book, if you read my blog you might get to know me even better. Better yet, just ask! LET'S BOOK A SESSION TODAY!!