• Jo Anderson


Kennadee turned 10 on February 27th, she's growing like a weed and into a beautiful young lady. Jaci turned 22 March 14th, my Mother turned 63 on the 21st of March. Lexi was born April 13th and she just turned 4 months on the 13th of July. My sister Tobi, turned 42 on May 31st. Jandi turned 18 on the 8th of July, and is expecting again, due in February. We are excited and hoping for a boy :). Although, it doesn't matter, we know "girls" lol. Lyrah turned 2 on July 20th and Taylor turned 20 on July 18th, Buddy's gma turned 88 on July 18th as well. I just had my 45th birthday, August 10th. My how the days are flying by, soon it will be Christmas time and more milestones. I have put new pictures up in the portfolio area of my family. I hope this finds you well. God Bless!!


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I cannot wait to meet Lexi Gayelynn and I love Lyrah Raeann. I love them both so much!! #text