• Jo Anderson

Hoosier turned Floridian

It has been awhile since I have posted here. 2019 was a crazy year for my husband and I. Last March, our 1 year anniversary, we finally took our honeymoon to Fort Myers Beach. We stayed on the beach at Wyndham for the first three days, then we stayed at Diamondhead for the last 4 days. IT was such a fantastic time. Tim golfed almost everyday, and I stayed on the beach or at the pool. Swimming, shelling, walking on the pier, etc.. IT was a fabulous time. WE walked a lot, shopped at the touristy places on the beach, ate fabulous meals, tried every drink at the poolside tiki bar, Cabanas. Heard some great music at the Tiki Bar and ate wonderful food at Pinchers, both at the Wyndham. It was an amazing kid free vacation/honeymoon.

My husband was saying how his body didn't hurt, he walked so much over that full week, and his knees didn't bother him. He wants to move there, when we retire, which is my dream come true. I had vacationed with my family for many years as a child growing up. Our go to vacation spot. My parents even moved there when I graduated, I came and stayed with them for around 6/7 months. I loved it but missed my grandma and my friends back home. I always thought, this would be the perfect place to live someday.

Well that got my husband researching homes, condo's, jobs, and that's all we talked about for months. In June, we took a trip to look/price condo's and then we put the plan in motion. We couldn't move until our last foster kid, grandkid, went home. We knew that it would be very soon, so we started selling things, having garage sales, had our realtor start looking for more condo's and houses. Tim put his notice in at work, so they would know he was leaving in a few short months. Skylynn, our granddaughter, went home on August 23rd, so then we started selling our big stuff, all of our furniture, my van, and anything else we could get rid of. We gave away a lot of things.

Finally, on Friday, September 13, we packed up our truck and uhaul, which only contained a bedroom suite, a couple tvs, tools, photography equipment, computer and clothes. We had booked a month at a cottage near the beach (7 miles) while we searched for our forever home. We arrived in Fort Myers, September 15th around 9pm for our new life. Tim found a job the first week, which, we knew that would happen, hes been in the trucking industry for 30+ years. We purchased our forever home on Halloween, 2019. We moved in and we love it here. We are still learning our way around. I've just now started advertising my photography business. Wish us luck. Stay tuned for more photos and other news!!

by the way, the first photo is from outside our front door on our golf cart. This pic is from our lanai before we left for date night.

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